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👫🏼Who knows about your choices? Let's find out👫🏼


  • 1 Enter your name.
  • 2 Answer any 15 Question.
  • 3 Your quiz-link will be ready.
  • 4 Share your quiz-link with your friends.
  • 5 Your Friends will try to guess the right answers.
  • 6 Check their scores at the scoreboard.

Friendship Dare:

Make a quiz for friends to check how well they know you! Create 9 quiz questions about yourself. You can use our examples or write your own questions and answers. Don't think too long about which answer to choose. Just select the one that seems to describe you most accurately. Be honest!

Have fun!

It's supposed to be fun! Don't take the results too seriously! If your friends score a low number of points it doesn't mean that your bond is weak. It might mean that your questions were really tricky or still there is a lot to find out about each other and strengthen your friendship!

Share it!

After answering all the questions you'll get a link to your friendship quiz. Share it with your friends on Whatsapp, Messenger or via email to check how well your friends really know you :-)! Who's ready to take up the challenge and who will get the highest score?

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